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Artwork by "Black UniGryphon"
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

艺术家 烏獨角獸 任思麒

:star: Open For Commissions for ANY BUDGET!
:star: Original sketches are For SALE!
See something you Like, ask me: I more than likely still have the original pencil sketch!


This isn't any of my work, it's artwork of artists in this community which I've added to my favorite lists.



 Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 005 by BlackUniGryphon
Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 004 by BlackUniGryphon
:star: My older stuff from 2008 from when I was living in China:
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2008-2015 BlackUniGryphon Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang

2 Tails White Mermaid by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Black Mermaid by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Stretch Color by BlackUniGryphon 2 Double Tail Undines 01 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Stride by BlackUniGryphon
2 Tails Undine Stretching by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Sketches 05 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Sketches 01 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Sketches 02 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Sketches 03 by BlackUniGryphon Double Tails Undines 06 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Sketches 04 by BlackUniGryphon
8 17 Undine 2 Tails Doodle by BlackUniGryphon Tiger n 2 Tails Mermaids by BlackUniGryphon Double Tails Undines 07 by BlackUniGryphon  2 Tails Undine Doodle 03 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Doodle 02 by BlackUniGryphon

I'm publishing this here, to further reinforce that no one else in this century, is really doing anything new, creative, and innovative so-to-speak/write/draw/publish. Sure, you might see kinda something in a Starbucks Logo... but, I want to differentiate mine as entirely DIFFERENT.

2 tailed mermaids are actually not new, they are quite ancient. However, my concept art is uniquely mine, and I want that to be clearly emphasized.

As it stands, there really isn't anything being done, currently, online anywhere, and anything similar only tends to be cheesy low-brow logos, a few spurts on some old animated films from the 20th century, and perhaps old Common Era European or Mediterranean works from antiquity.

If you like my work, and it inspired you, would at least have the common courtesy to cite me, by name, and include a link back. PLEASE. :D

There are a number of popular artists, of other styles/subjects whom are somewhat well known whom have actually been fans of mine, whom also now have fans, yet never credit me, especially my wings, since people don't always study the methodology but just the poses I've already created. That is totally fine, and legal to do, but it's discourteous not to mention your sources, and I have several times gotten private letters/messages from my fans, friends, and students. If you looks at the bulk of my work, I always cite my sources of inspirations, often with links, but most especially by name or alias. In some cases, I have also includes dates...
For crying out loud, people weren't even listing some things as fan art. WTF?

Also, since I have many times been a teacher to so many artists, I think it is both important, and helpful to persons whom are truly committed to self learning, self knowledge, and the personal striving of ones self skills and talents to include the entire amount of source materials to help artists grow, learn, expand, and come to a better fulfillment in their art and life. As an astute and shrewd artists and geek myself, I often read descriptions of several works of art, even if just browsing quickly. But, many artists include their source materials, inspirations, thoughts, feelings, opinions, and that is often helpful.

I do not wish my artwork to be viewed as low-brow, but as art, and respected.

At the beginning of this new millennium, something I personally was inspired by was the Bellydance Super Stars, whom took their dance artforms, and wanted it presented as art, and to be treated with respect for all of their skills, hard work, dedication, and teaching. If yu watch the film "American Bellydancer" this idea is expressed quite clearly and with a variety of views:


* Anyways, this month, I have been bursting with inspiration, dfreams, imagination, and many things are exploding, flooding, and spilling out of me all over. it's been pretty emotional, also. Much inspiration comes from :iconsavercat: whom is family.

My Nixie concept was originally, in 2008, meant to be as just a musical number animated piece short, as part of my series concept "Eyewitness" ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. (… ) which is meant as a series of animated shorts, which eventually grow, over time, into more deep, meaningful, or even eventually some shocker/shocking shorts. It's meant as a whimsical, fantasy/Sci-Fi escapism art to take the viewer away from their life, and experience a strange circumstance, like a dream, or even verging into the paranormal, and leave the viewer with a lingering emotional experience. The original shorts are intended to be uplifting, and/or inspiring, however, I would also eventually like to create some that are "Halloween-ish" (as in not for children or family entertainment) which would include shock, horror, and really messing with the minds and emotions of the audience. I think for those darker bits, it might require a series label to differentiate the original clean and uplifting work of "Eyewitness" from the dark, shocking, horror bits, which will include animated dismemberment, and gore.

Eyewitness Congressional 1995 by BlackUniGryphon Eyewitness: Dragons 1999 by BlackUniGryphon Dujiao Wu Qilin 2002 pastel by BlackUniGryphon

I also want to do a Phantasmagoria kind of project, however, I have no set idea for that project, other than wanting it to be animated shorts, set to music.

As for my Nixies project, I had always wanted to do a Fantasia-like animated art, as a series of masterpieces, and fine art as animation with music.
However, I very much enjoy fusion music, which includes orchestra, folks music/instruments, and also electronic music. Fusion music is not new, and has been around for a long time. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2015 BlackUniGryphon

And, my Nixies project seems to have taken a whole life on it's own, in my mind, and my day-dreams, all on it's own. What was intended as JUST one small piece, probably like an old fashioned water ballet, has now morphed and grown, all on it's own. It seems to be taking on a fantasia-like vibe as a rave-like musical concert, of many performances, and musical pieces. I also have several concepts for remixing the materials, for different versions, and it's very exciting to me. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2015 BlackUniGryphon

:star: Here are some of the concepts/concept art of some of the ideas I still have (ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2015 BlackUniGryphon):


Mature Content

Double Tailed Nixie Rough Concept Art 001 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Double Tailed Nixie Rough Concept Art 002 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Yoga Performance Nixie Concept 001 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 001 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 002 by BlackUniGryphon
Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 003 by BlackUniGryphon Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 004 by BlackUniGryphon Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 005 by BlackUniGryphon

These concepts are till working themselves out.
ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2015 BlackUniGryphon

If you want to follow some of my progress, or other stuffs, you can follow my Instagram: Black UniGryphon

I have quite a number of blogs that I publish & manage.

:star: Blogs by Kandice K Zimbleman BlackUniGryphon:

* BlackUniGryphon's Main Blog of Arts:
* My Cosplay Pirate Wench Character blog "Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate": pyratemarshallkandice.blogspot…
* My Blog For/About my Original Character "Lively":
* My Photography Blog: blackunigryphonphotos.blogspot…

:star: I also have NEW Bohemian Blog with Boho Chic, Gypset, Mori Girl, and Gypsy themes: bohoblackunigryphon.blogspot.c…

* The rest of my other blogs:…

Boho Chic Blog BG Autumn 01 by BlackUniGryphon New Pirate Blog BG Whimsical Autumn VIBE by BlackUniGryphon Pirate Cosplay Blog Redesign WHIMSICAL AUTUMN VIBE by BlackUniGryphon Pirate Marshal Kandice Sonnet 29 Shakespeare by BlackUniGryphon

Boho Artist 003 by BlackUniGryphon


任思麒 Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang
A.K.A. "Black UniGryphon" 烏獨角獸
A.K.A. 任思麒: A.K.A. "Ren Si-qi"
Current Residence: New England USA

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I was a child prodigy artist. I started actual drawing when I was 4 years old, and scribbled on virtually everything since I was 2. I was self taught, then I began winning scholarships & awards, and was in school programs for gifted children. (For which I was often brutally attacked & bullied.)

I had scholarships to attend college art classes since middle school, and attended college animation classes at the U-ARTS in Philadelphia since I was at least a Junior while in high school. While in high school I also studied analogue "Advertising, Art, and Design" (Graphic Art), Analogue "Printing" (With Photography & Developing, Plate Making, Presses, Typography, etc.), and I also earned a diploma in "Environmental Sciences". (So, if you DARE to come at me with your Global Warming Denial NONSENSE WITHOUT having an actual education in the subject, I'll come down so fast on you, you will be hurting for days! Our class was THE affiliate for Al Gore, hand picked, and my classmates went to THE "Earth Summit" in Helsinki in 1998.) Oh, and I can talk some serious science!

I graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia Majoring in Computer Animation and specializing in Traditional Cinematic Animation, as well as studied film & video, both analogue & nonlinear digital.

I worked on Projects for HBO Family, Nick Jr., Noggin, and PBS in Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill at "Animation Stew".

I have also worked as a digital colorist assistant at "Top Cow" (Image Comics) in Century City California (near Hollywood & Beverly Hills).

I am also self taught in German (but, it's rusty). And, I also can speak Mandarin Chinese, and some Pekingese (Beijing local dialect Chinese) and have lived in China multiple times. I personally am very self critical, and I don't think my Chinese is very good, but I can certainly speak Chinese because my in-laws are all Chinese and don't speak English.

I have currently taken an interest in preforming arts, most especially Belly Dance, and I still regularly practice in, often daily. I am a student of Bellydance Super Star Zoe Jakes and others, and aspire to study with many other teachers.

I also like: yoga, meditation, Taiji Chuan, Taiji Jianzi, Qigung.

I've taken an interest in sewing again, and have created many costumes, and fashion/clothing.

And, I have a DEEP passionate enthusiasm for TECHNO music. I'm very interested in audio engineering, DJ Mixing, and old school techno: Eurodance HI-NRG, Rave, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Dubstep, Acid, House Music, and many vintage German & European Hardcore music.
I very much like new digital technology. However, I'm super psyched about vintage synthesizers, especially the ever coveted vintage Japanese ROLAND TB-303 (Authentic ACID SOUND)!

And, I love film, video, television, and YouTube!

But, I also like photography! I LOVE vintage analogue cameras!
Yet, I also love the new digital! I have a new digital camera now! I LOVE it!!!! I like experimenting!

Oh, I'm also an activist.


Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 005 by BlackUniGryphon
Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 005
:star: I just want to make a few thinks CRYSTAL CLEAR:

* 2-tailed mermaids, nixies, Melusine, undines, and so on, aren't actually anything new.
* (However) I have scoured the internet, media, blogs, and so on quite extensively, and as it stands NO ONE IS DOING ANYTHING QUITE LIKE WHAT I AM DOING. SO, LET'S BE PERFECTLY CLEAR ON THIS.
* These are MY DESIGNS, and MY CONCEPTS.
* This is also DATED as the time of publication.
* If you LIKE my work, and it INSPIRES YOU, THAT IS OK, HOWEVER, it is courteous and POLITE, and RESPECTFUL , not just to my, BUT TO YOURSELF AS AN ARTIST, TO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE cite my work as your reference.

* I will allow this to be shared on: Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and some forms of social media PROVIDED YOU LINK ME BACK, and CREDIT ME.
* IF THIS WORK INSPIRES YOU AT ALL, then FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CITE ME BY NAME, link back to the original inspiring works, like this one, and give a few words about how you feel about it.



Another sketch... still getting to know this character....


* Altho' this is still rough, in development, and on the conceptual end of it, and I am still out of practice, this one came out to nicely to just shove into my scraps. So, i have it published here under Conceptual Art.

The symmetry, proportions, and anatomy aren't quite right yet... so, she is still working herself out.

I do like this much, much better than my first 2 tries. So, I know I am getting closer to who she is, and what she wants to be.

As per respectful consideration, and courtesy as an artist towards all of my fellow artists, I will cite the majority of my INSPIRATIONAL SOURCES for which I have drawn my "energy" towards this sort of a project.

I MUST emphasize giving credit to EVERYONE THAT IS DUE CREDIT.
It is therefore, my own personal responsibility to set this example myself. I personally know how much it hurts when people whom have gotten so much attention for a number of things are tauted as "the innovator" when in fact they drew their inspirations from someone, or something, else, such as my own work, while the originators are forgotten over time, and in some cases sued even tho' they were THE ORIGINAL.

This is not to say that I have any hatred for my fans, or admirers, nor my students. NO, not at all. i have on many ocasions published several of my works specifically for educational purposes, in which students or artists could practice publishing, or even acknowledge that it is perfectly fine to study my work in order to learn, grow, or even as inspiration. That is fine, but AT LEAST mention your muse. See what I mean?

Fairness MATTERS. Respect MATTERS. See?

:star: Some inspirational references:

Dance Performance Artists

* Rebecca Horn:…
* Nagasita:
* Apsara + Nagasita:
* Apsara:
* Ambrosia Glam Tribal:
* One of my dance teachers, Zoe, preforming live with her band (Beats Antique feat. Zoe Jakes):

Vocalist Performance Artists
* Blümchen:
* Sarah Brightman:
* Alison Moyet: :D
* Yaz/Yazoo (Alison Moyet) Original 80s version:

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