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About Film & Animation / Professional 任思麒 Kandice Kathleen ZimblemanFemale/United States Groups :iconda-romance: DA-Romance
~Love is an art in itself
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Artwork by "Black UniGryphon"
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

艺术家 烏獨角獸 任思麒

:star: Open For Commissions for ANY BUDGET!
:star: Original sketches are For SALE!
See something you Like, ask me: I more than likely still have the original pencil sketch!


This isn't any of my work, it's artwork of artists in this community which I've added to my favorite lists.




任思麒 Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
United States
Djehkaujaa Dragon 2003 002 by BlackUniGryphon

I'm definitely still developing my story "Zenith beyond Eclipsing The Dragon's Rue"
But, I'm trying to concentrate on developing a specific character for now. I wants very much to do some painting stuff, but a lot of circumstances have changed/shifted since then, and I kinda lost my fire for that... plus, out of nowhere, suddenly Mr. Wang wanted to do painting again... (Gee... I've no idea why...) I would definitely like to improve my painting skills again, but It's kinda back-burner, or an afterthought for the moment...
Ao Xingtao HZ001 by BlackUniGryphon
Mostly, I've been heavily concentrating on developing 兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo.

It's kinda "the vibe" I'm going with... and I figure it will take me the rest of the year to finally "get it. (I'm assuming)
I kinda have some ideas I like, but I haven;t honed it, and I also want to really nail down a specific face and body-type, but I haven't quite reached it yet.

Lovers Designed by BlackUniGryphon

I really like the direction this one was, but I don't always want him to have the long hair. i want his hair to also change a number of times. I just haven't settled on his exact face yet.
And, I want to improve my drawing skills, again....

So, I've done a lot of doodles, and rough sketches, and studied all kinds of references. I'm rather awkward right now... but, I'll get it eventually.
ROUGH SKETCHES Xingtao development 003 by BlackUniGryphonROUGH SKETCHES Xingtao development 002 by BlackUniGryphon ROUGH SKETCHES Xingtao development 001 by BlackUniGryphonSketch of Livley and Beloved by BlackUniGryphon
I was studying photos of 80s/90s Christian Slater (Because OMFG THE HAIR!!!) and 80s/90s Tony Leung Ka Fai, and many other incredibly gorgeous dudes.

Yet, at the same time, I DO NOT want him to look like Djehkäujaa!!!!
I've felt like a number of the sketches kept veering over in that direction and was bugging me a lot!
Djehkeujaa Wind  Swept by BlackUniGryphonDjehkaujaa Character Design 1999 Head Scans HQ by BlackUniGryphon

I've also been interacting with a lot of people, socially, on DeviantART this whole month.
 And, I spent so much time from about 2008-2015 doing my photography work/art that I was somewhat conflicted about posting it here, altho' i have tons on Flickr and elsewhere...
But, as a creative person, artist, and producer, I feel I am ALL of those things.
So, I've been publishing more of my Cosplay work, and probably I will add some more of my Bellydance bedleh photos. I did actually make money here and there with those, so, I don't see why I couldn't post those here. I've ALWAYS been very serious about those things.

So, I will be adding more of my Pirate Character (OC) Marshall Kändiß The Pyrate Wench.

Gypsy Skirt Dance by BlackUniGryphon

Many people have no idea just how much work, effort, thought, and feelings, creativity, money, planning, and so many other factors go into producing just a shot like this, and ALL on my own. Makeup alone takes 2-3 hours (or more), set-up can take a long time. Weather is a major factor.

This pirate character was also my #1 most popular blog I had which crushed my photography blog which was doing fairly well in 2010.
And, I also have a Boho/Gypset/Mori/Raver/Whimsical blog that was also incredibly successful about a year ago. At a few points in time it beat out my pirate blog, but the Pirate character is one that I STILL all kinds of comments, questions, compliments, and from everyone and anyone. Young, old, girl, boy, trans, international, domestic, etc.

I would LOVE to do this again, but my health is a major hurtle. I'm easing slowly into trying to improve my lungs which were badly damaged from pneumonia last month, and I have prescription codeine painkiller narcotic med whenever I have a flareup. I'm also hoping to have improved my lung again, like last year, by the end of summer... but, we keep getting cold arctic jet-stream air and I get major setbacks. Each time I'm getting somewhere, something can happen, and set me back several days, and i can;t go to the gym until my lungs improve. It often knocked me out and I have to sleep most of the day so my lungs can heal. This is literally THE WORST my asthma has EVER been. Even worse than when I had surgery in 2013. I could loose more weight faster if my lungs would just heal. But, it's hard to do do the harder stuff right now, like power lifting and more vigorous cardio because I can;t fully "chest breathe" right now. But, I can still diaphragm or "yoga breathe" without any problems.  i really need to get back my "chest" area of the lungs to get that power one needs to effectively get the most benefits from exercising.... but, since I'm getting older now, I must baby myself, and be gentle, and go bit by bit... It's very frustrating and humbling, because I still wish I could do things like when i was 18... but, I'm not 18. I'm 37.

I still like furries, and anthros. But, I probably won't be doing much of that work at all this year.
But, I still love monsters and beasts. I'll very likely be doing dragons.

I'm expecting to concentrate on human figures tho'.
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Ao Xingtao May 001 by BlackUniGryphon
Ao Xingtao May 001
Just a quick doodle...
still trying to develop Ao Xingtao... haven;t really hit a breakthrough yet... :-/
Djehkaujaa Doodle May 001 by BlackUniGryphon
Djehkaujaa Doodle May 001
I keep seeing scenes and sequences in my mind since about early this week.
But, I can't quite get it sketched out yet...
Here's some doodles of Djehkäujaa.

In my mind I can often see the scenes crystal clear, vibrantly. but, it comes and it goes...
It comes to me often when I'm in the cardio room on the treadmill at the gym.

It's a musical-ish scene, that's probably short, but could go longer, which I could also cut out in re-cut versions of my film/story.
I think I would use this scene for the series version I would most likely create, but if I re-cut the entire story as a full length feature film, I would most likely cut this out because it's not important to the overall plot.
It's a glossy, flashy, scene to show off animation skills and express little things about the characters, and the setting.

I'm noticing even more than ever that this character, Djehkäujaa, whom is actually a dragon stuck in humanoid form, is SO musical. Lively is very musical also, but as stoic and bland as Djehkäujaa can be in her solemn humanoid form, she's almost Neo-Goth-like (only not dark and black or shadowy) in how animated she gets with music... It's very much a "dragon thing".
Dragons like shiny, pretty things, valuable things, have a deep affinity for beauty (even if they're in decline about it for crazy suppressed ideologies) and even the raging dragon can be soothed by beautiful music.... or, excited for that matter.

Lively tends to be more of an artist/creator... where as, altho' Djehkäujaa is very creatively gifted with music, sound, audio, and language she's more of an individual that likes to appreciate the work of others rather than create it herself.... she also takes her own creativity for granted, thinks she's not so great, due to the forced-humbleness of her upbringing culture, and also her creative side, while in her humanoid form is something she scoffs at as childish, silly, and/or frivolous because it got her into trouble... She's very much a "mind" or mental person even tho' she doesn't think she is... when she was originally her dragon self, she was thoughtless, careless, and reckless.
But, since her upbringing culture still valued music, her outlet is music, and movement/dance....

I will, of course, have Djehkäujaa surviving via her music out in the world.... but, much of it might get cut out in some versions.
Djehkäujaa is very resourceful.

I actually don't have any lyrics written for this scene at all yet...
Strange, because I keep seeing it in my mind over and over...

This scene involves a window, and lots of technology... and she's singing...

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