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Artwork by "Black UniGryphon"
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman

艺术家 烏獨角獸 任思麒

:star: Open For Commissions for ANY BUDGET!
:star: Original sketches are For SALE!
See something you Like, ask me: I more than likely still have the original pencil sketch!


This isn't any of my work, it's artwork of artists in this community which I've added to my favorite lists.



 Wow! I've been on Dev' Art since, what? Like 2004? GW Bush Era! Yeesh!

It used to be terrible in the early 2000s, that I hated when I went to art/artist/fandom forums and people used DevArt for their links, and would just avoid even klicking, them especially if I was using dial-up modems (56K). yeah... But, then, they fixed their servers, or something...
Next thing I knew after my friends convinced me to get an account, I did... then, i started publishing... which took hours... then, it got faster... and I also eventually got broadband.

Black UniGryphon Backside by BlackUniGryphon

I've been a paid user several times, paid for ads, and have even sold prints.

I recall everything from skins, to all kinds of special alpha/beta testing only for paid members.

I remember before they didn't have videos...

Fame has come & gone many times... but, that's not why I do my art.

Now, my daughter uses Deviant Art... not only that, but it seems like Dev Art is main stream... when I'm in the mall, or at the pool, kids all talk about it. Used to be something only artists knew of... times change, I guess.

Now, I do video, photography, audio/music, blogging, and so on...

Pirate Wench Raver Cover Art by BlackUniGryphon Tribal Fusion Glitch Hop Mix Album Garphic by BlackUniGryphon

I take offense to corporations "having birthdays". to be honest, it turns my stomach, and Dunk Donuts does it, and so on. Bleh!
It's technically an Anniversary. Corporations ARE NOT PEOPLE! THEY CAN'T BE BIRTHED! Knock it off!

Anyways...  I guess I'm supposed to feature some art 'n stuffs... I'm gonna grab some art NOT BY MYSELF. Why these? Well, I liked them. :D

 Archsummoner Totalel Advanced by Cryptcrawler Mermaid by ArunaWolf Cherry Valley by arisuonpaa ravine full issue1 enjoy :)-you have to download by nebezial The old west by BLACKNIGHTINGALE81
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任思麒 Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman
Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman-Wang
A.K.A. "Black UniGryphon" 烏獨角獸
A.K.A. 任思麒: A.K.A. "Ren Si-qi"
Current Residence: New England USA

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I was a child prodigy artist. I started actual drawing when I was 4 years old, and scribbled on virtually everything since I was 2. I was self taught, then I began winning scholarships & awards, and was in school programs for gifted children. (For which I was often brutally attacked & bullied.)

I had scholarships to attend college art classes since middle school, and attended college animation classes at the U-ARTS in Philadelphia since I was at least a Junior while in high school. While in high school I also studied analogue "Advertising, Art, and Design" (Graphic Art), Analogue "Printing" (With Photography & Developing, Plate Making, Presses, Typography, etc.), and I also earned a diploma in "Environmental Sciences". (So, if you DARE to come at me with your Global Warming Denial NONSENSE WITHOUT having an actual education in the subject, I'll come down so fast on you, you will be hurting for days! Our class was THE affiliate for Al Gore, hand picked, and my classmates went to THE "Earth Summit" in Helsinki in 1998.) Oh, and I can talk some serious science!

I graduated from The Art Institute of Philadelphia Majoring in Computer Animation and specializing in Traditional Cinematic Animation, as well as studied film & video, both analogue & nonlinear digital.

I worked on Projects for HBO Family, Nick Jr., Noggin, and PBS in Philadelphia/Chestnut Hill at "Animation Stew".

I have also worked as a digital colorist assistant at "Top Cow" (Image Comics) in Century City California (near Hollywood & Beverly Hills).

I am also self taught in German (but, it's rusty). And, I also can speak Mandarin Chinese, and some Pekingese (Beijing local dialect Chinese) and have lived in China multiple times. I personally am very self critical, and I don't think my Chinese is very good, but I can certainly speak Chinese because my in-laws are all Chinese and don't speak English.

I have currently taken an interest in preforming arts, most especially Belly Dance, and I still regularly practice in, often daily. I am a student of Bellydance Super Star Zoe Jakes and others, and aspire to study with many other teachers.

I also like: yoga, meditation, Taiji Chuan, Taiji Jianzi, Qigung.

I've taken an interest in sewing again, and have created many costumes, and fashion/clothing.

And, I have a DEEP passionate enthusiasm for TECHNO music. I'm very interested in audio engineering, DJ Mixing, and old school techno: Eurodance HI-NRG, Rave, Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Dubstep, Acid, House Music, and many vintage German & European Hardcore music.
I very much like new digital technology. However, I'm super psyched about vintage synthesizers, especially the ever coveted vintage Japanese ROLAND TB-303 (Authentic ACID SOUND)!

And, I love film, video, television, and YouTube!

But, I also like photography! I LOVE vintage analogue cameras!
Yet, I also love the new digital! I have a new digital camera now! I LOVE it!!!! I like experimenting!

Oh, I'm also an activist.

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