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Eyewitness Hedroll Look Concept  Art 001 by BlackUniGryphon Eyewitness Hedroll Look Concept  Art 001 by BlackUniGryphon
This one is the 1990s poet blouse look with the thigh pants and thigh high boots. I call this "the Hedroll Look" because before there was definitively the character "Lively" she was actually wavering from 1 to 2 characters, and at 1 point for a long long time she was 2 girls/sister: 1 named Hedroll, and the other named Kestrel. (Star Trek TNG reference)

In my Eyewitness series, she has no specific buddy. It's just her. But, in the "Dragon" story she's friends with Djehkäujaa. Anyways, Kestrel & Hedroll were practically the same in every way except their clothes, and Kestrel have a more Comic Book hero look, but way too much like Marvel Comics' "Black Cat" but brown & earthy.

I was crazy for Marvel Comics as a teenager, and I LOVED artwork by Alan Davis, especially his rendition of "Shadow Cat, but I just HATED those stupid shoulder pads on EVERYTHING in the 80s & 90s! Bleh! Hedroll's clothes were the typical early 90s poet blouse, which i wore all the time. I have over half a dozen easily. Sometime in the mid 1990s I ditched both girls and merged them as 1 girl whom I eventually named "Lively" named after the real Virginian Algonquin Princess Pocahontas which means "Lively or Frolicsome". Around 1996-1998, Lively more and more became more of a skin tight fashion girl with catsuits, or spandex.

If I were to animate Lively in this look, it WOULD actually give me a lot of extra layers of detail to animate which will take forever. But, it just looks SO GOOD!
bear48 Featured By Owner Jan 13, 2017  Professional
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