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Djehkaujaa Dragon 2003 002 by BlackUniGryphon
Djehkeujaa Wind  Swept by BlackUniGryphon Djehkaujaa Character Design 1999 Head Scans HQ by BlackUniGryphon Djehkaujaa Dragon 2003 001 by BlackUniGryphon  Djehkaujaa Doodles 2003 001 by BlackUniGryphon  Djehkaujaa Character Design 2000 Chracter Design 2 by BlackUniGryphon Djehkaujaa Character Design 1999 Head Scan 2 by BlackUniGryphon Djehkaujaa Color Portrait by BlackUniGryphon  Djehkaujaa Color Human M Sheet by BlackUniGryphon Djehkaujaa Expresiv ModelSheet by BlackUniGryphon  Djehkaujaa Facial Model Sheet by BlackUniGryphon Lively Expressive Model Sheet by BlackUniGryphon
Djehkaujaa Rotation ModelSheet by BlackUniGryphon
I've worked quite a bit on my dragon story which is now titled: 

"Zenith Beyond Eclipsing The Dragon's Rue"

Dragon Animated Lip Synch by BlackUniGryphon

I've been reworking, and redesigning the subplots... most of it is in my head, while other stuff is in my notebooks. I'm redesigning some characters, or going back to some of the original aspects the were.... I don't quite have my main villain/antagonist worked out fully yet. When I'd originally written him back in 1999 in my old notes, I was bothered that he seemed too extreme, and wasn't believable at all by an audience, so I felt I needed to tone him down, but I struggled with this a lot. However, members of the Republican Party are far more extremist than my character was originally written, so I'm going back to my original character personality design for him. And, yes, my main villain is a radical corporatist dominonist politician. Unfortunately, I DO FEEL he needs a new name because the name I made for him I felt was TOO unoriginal.

I'd also originally intended the story to be a full length animated feature film motion picture. But, Now, I am reworking it to be a series of animated shorts, and a lot of  music. The reason is because originally I'd written it based on the old media standards, and the establishment Hollywood way of doing things, and marketing, and pitching... but, I no longer have to care about creating a "pitch package", delivering a pitch, or a treatment, or even a pilot... So, all my wild ideas I can actually put into it. I've already rewritten and redesigned things a number of times, so there's no reason I can't redesign it FOR ME. I don't have a publisher, I don;t have a boss, I don't have a money on my back mouth breathing on me... so, I thought: Why not just GO TOTALLY WILD????

Animation Picking up the Goat by BlackUniGryphon

I already wanted it to be a Sci-Fi/fantasy film. So, since it's MY FANTASY and MY SCI-FI why not fucking GO FOR BROKE? Let's just go WAY FAR OUT THERE!

Pressed Lovers Sketch by BlackUniGryphon

One thing I struggled with was that I wanted to do things MY WAY, not some one else's way. And, there's some themes I want more than anything to do in a more European way. And, I want to show nudity, and nipples. But, I DO NOT LIKE the way it's often portrayed in Hollywood which is male dominated, and lacking, or way to censored. I don't think, as an artist, that if I wish to portray a love scene, that it should be vulgar or trashy, but it could be beautiful, sensual, and artistic.

Mature Content

Flower Child Lively Colored by BlackUniGryphon
Fallen by BlackUniGryphon Lovers Designed by BlackUniGryphon  Lively With Lover by BlackUniGryphon Lively With Her Lover by BlackUniGryphon  Lively Lovers 2008 Rough doodle 001 by BlackUniGryphon  Lively Theater 2008 001 by BlackUniGryphon  Sketch of Livley and Beloved by BlackUniGryphon

But, since I was going to do that, I thought why not some other fantasy things? Instead of portraying the world as this world, I wanted to portray a world THE COULD BE or how it MIGHT have been.... like an alternate reality of our world. Much like Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry did whom created a vision of the future of what humanity COULD BE LIKE, as a hopeful vision or responsible people in an egalitarian world,  or even stories by Arthur C. Clarke's "Fountains of Paradise", I wanted to show what our lives COULD HAVE BEEN LIKE at the turn of the Century/Millennium if we had gone with a leader like Al Gore and gone in a more Green and pragmatic direction. So, I will portray a world where they are transitioning off of fossil fuels, and doing away with hydrocarbon combustion engines, and highways, and redoing agriculture with permaculture, and implementing a municipal automated national transportation system. 

But, that wasn't enough either... so, in my story, in my world, there are going to probably be about 3 lunar satellites (3 moons), but I haven't decided whether it will be a binary solar system or not, yet... I know I've seen other films from the 70s & 80s do that.... but, the idea of at least 3 moons sounds so far out that I don;t think anyone in the establishment would like it at all. SO, fuck it! It's my dream world so, I say multiple moons!

Lively Back Bend by BlackUniGryphon Quick Pencil sketch Livelly by BlackUniGryphon

And, on another twist of weirdness, I also just wrote a new side scene plot in which Ao Xingtao takes Lively to one of the moons.
I was somewhat inspired by a French artist that did those moon mummies hoaxes that people STILL ACTUALLY THINK IS REAL! XD It was an awesome hoax! If you want to find video footage of that, it's all over YouTube. It was a totally awesome, very creative hoax of 2 mummies of ancient human women bodies!…

I wanted to start trying to work on, or rework an establishing scene with Djehkäujaa, which was why I did some painting earlier this month. But, then, I lost my mojo, got frustrated, had terrible weather, and was constantly getting sick! But, I'm recovering now!

Eyewitness Congressional 1995 by BlackUniGryphon Eyewitness: Dragons 1999 by BlackUniGryphon Dujiao Wu Qilin 2002 pastel by BlackUniGryphon  Eyewitness: Wu Dujiao Qilin B by BlackUniGryphon  Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 004 by BlackUniGryphon Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 005 by BlackUniGryphon Diva Melusine Nixie Concept 003 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Yoga Performance Nixie Concept 001 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Double Tailed Nixie Rough Concept Art 002 by BlackUniGryphon

Mature Content

Double Tailed Nixie Rough Concept Art 001 by BlackUniGryphon
2 Tails Undine Stride by BlackUniGryphon 2 Double Tail Undines 01 by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Black Mermaid by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails Undine Stretch Color by BlackUniGryphon 2 Tails White Mermaid by BlackUniGryphon

Anyways, I figured I could always just do my art the way I WANT IT TO BE, and if I decide to market it, like to other audiences, I could always just alter it later on. If I wanted to make it more G rated, I see no reason why I could not do that.  I'm totally fine with remixing it anyway, since I like remix culture. It's really funny how much my 2 main projects this one, and "Eyewitness" are becoming very similar sometimes. I like the idea of it as a full length feature film, but I also like the idea of a series of shorts. If i did shorts, I could actually do a lot more, then after the fact, I could always just recut them, like "Macross Plus" and "Macross Frontier" did, and use different music, different scenes, and variations on the story. LOTR, Star Trek, Star Wars, Jim Cameron, Ridley Scott also did this. There's also several recut versions of Walt Disney's Fantasia. So, I see no reason why I couldn't come up with my own format.

I'm rather happy with the direction and development of my main male love interest character so far. Since I don't have to worry about the judgements of some overbearing boss/producer/director/executive that doesn't understand the world, or me, nor my vision, I can completely do whatever I want. So, I came up with a REALLY BEAUTIFUL name for him, and it was SO MUCH WORK & EFFORT! 兴涛 Áo Xìngtāo

It was SO HARD to come up with this name!

Ao Xingtao Ancient Vertical 001 by BlackUniGryphon Ao Xingtao Ancient Vertical 002 by BlackUniGryphon  Ao Xingtao Vert 001 by BlackUniGryphon
Ao Xingtao HZ003 by BlackUniGryphon Ao Xingtao HZ002 by BlackUniGryphon Ao Xingtao HZ001 by BlackUniGryphon

So glad I don't have a boss that would ruin & destroy my vision, and art!

I also recently spoke with a really good friend of mine whom is a creator of a new animated TV show about to go into syndication this fall, and this friend (male) had expressed the downsides of this and his feelings on the matter. So, altho' I'm rather happy for my friend, I understand that my friend has gone through a number of compromises just to get to that, and all of the things he must give up, forever, just because he achieved that. So, on one side, I'm happy and excited for my friend, on the other side, I just can't see myself going in that direction, EVER. I'm not a male, and I also don't want to EVER be that level of high profile as an artist, nor the kind of scrutiny and pressure that goes along with that. My "Eyewitness" project I would like to be more family oriented, but I WOULD like to have an R rated small spinoff series of that. But, for my Dragon Project (Zenith Beyond Eclipsing The Dragon's Rue), it would crush me so deeply to have my story altered just because my character has nipples showing in the frame.

I'm also nobody, and I can stay nobody. Having contracts at the level of funding that is establishment means they have major leverage over you, and I can't stand it. I've been an entrepreneur and freelancer for so long, that I always have a say. I'm too much of an alpha by now. And, I'm too much of a Free Spirit.

Hamlet The Readiness Is All Marshall Kandice Pyrat by BlackUniGryphon


The Color Of My Heart by BlackUniGryphon

This is one of those things that I've greatly taken for granted my entire life. Writing poetry, fo me, was just so friggin' easy that I thought anyone could do it... the strange thing is that I was wrong. In The Greater Philadelphia Area where I grew up which includes Southern NJ poetry was just so common, and everyone I knew often doodled out poems, lyrics, that I just scoffed and thought of it as just one of those things... and whatever... who cares? But, then I graduated and went to other parts of the country, and networked with a lot of people worldwide on the internet, and whenever I'd post even a crappy poem, I'd get these really unusual comments like: Wow! I didn't know you were a poet!

What? I'm a poet?

What? I just wrote some corny poem, and now I'm a poet? What do you mean? Can't you write poetry????

and.... apparently.... no..... they can't....

this was just mind blowing to me.... like not being able to read & write.... or being unable to see colors... or being unable to swim....

This was just so weird and alien to me!

And, people would make SUCH a big deal over it! It was almost like I'd laid a golden egg or something! Like, WOW! that's so impressive!

I personally don't think I'm all that wonderful at poetry... like, it's just something I can do... but, when I was a kid, I also felt the same way about art. I thought everyone could draw... but, they couldn't. I also didn't think i was a good artist, even tho' I was actually a prodigy child and won awards and scholarships all the time as a child.

Well, I'm not gonna be a rap star! LOL! So, don't start!

Anyways, ever since I started doing poetry again this year (because every few years I start going through periods where I fill up my notebooks with poems (and some are cheeky or snarky).

So, why not? It's like I'm loosing my mind, surrendering to the madness... and now all this art stuff is erupting out of me since Feb!
Why not? Poetry! OK! Fine! As if I wasn't already crazy enough! (according to society)

But, this time, I actually decided to type and publish them.

The weird thing was, on my blog, and also here on my gallery, i got more hits on my poems than most of my artwork. It was really unusual for me.
I was surprised so many people wanted to read my poetry.

My newest poem was this one:
Stirring Dragon
Stirring Dragon
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman   "Black UniGryphon" TM
©2016 All Rights Reserved
Hear the sound of my soul,
See the color of my heart,
Feel the light within,
Know the truth without,
Be the motion and lift up.
Ascend the stairs.... 
If there is a dream in my heart,
Make it so......
Sleeping dragon,
Cozy in the dark,
A sleeping dragon,
Slumbers inside my heart. 
The tail does twitch,
And, head does wake,
With wings unfurling a flight to take! 
<a href="" imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

It shot up in views when I hadn't even promoted it on social media.

This one, which was the only one that was more personal and emotional, and I was incredibly feeling vulnerable also shot up in views even tho' i didn;t promote it on Social media originally either:
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry

I am the wind,
The wind that flows freely,
I am the wind that blows me to you.
I am the wind.
Trees and grasses sway,
Song birds sing and play,
Letting go,
To and Fro,
As leaves in the wind,
I let go.
I submit to the breeze....
Bend me to your will like a reed in the wind,
Now the wind and I are one....
Just be....
I am the wind.....
II.) Reprise
It is the wind,
Which has brought me here.
It is the wind,
That blows me to you.
Softly and sweetly,
Boldly and breezy.
I am here now.....
Fertile as the Earth,
Beneath my feet,
Stable as the ground,
And stretching streets.
Flowing like a river,
Vast as oceans and s

The other ones I wrote were meant to be song lyrics for my Dragon Project:

These are more inspirational & motivational:

Keep On Going
Keep On Going
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry
Keep on going.... (echoes)
                           Keep on going.... (echoes)      Keep on going.... (echoes)
I Take It Higher
I Take It Higher
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Draft Lyrics/Poetry
Gotta reach!  
A little further!
Gonna reach!
A little farther! 
For myself,
Make a conscious choice!
Come on! 
Make some noise! 
I jump some more!
Jump off the floor! 
A little higher!
Gonna make it! 
A little higher! 
Time to soar! 
I take it higher!
I make it higher!
Go forth! 
A little Further! 
Reach forth! 
A little farther! 
For myself,
Spun it 'round! 
Come on!
A glorious sound! 
I jumped some more! 
Launched off the floor! 
A little higher! 
Gonna make it! 
A little higher!
Free Flying Heart

(Some vintage Storyboard thumbnails)
Free Flying Heart (working title)
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Rough Draft Lyrics/Poetry 
I dreamed I was the wind,
And a Part of the sky,
And then when I awoke,
Remembered I once could fly.
What do I do?
What have I done?
Foolish and selfish mistakes!
Careless and empty! -thinking it's fun!
I am the obstacle of myself,
Find a way to overcome me!
Somehow I can reach it,
My heart wants to finally fly free!
I miss you,
All free in the sky.
I mi

This one is more Emotive:
The First Time SeeingThe First Time Seeing (working title)
By Kandice Kathleen Zimbleman (Black UniGryphon)
©2016 All Rights Reserved 
Rough Draft Lyrics/Poetry

The first time........... (echoes)
               -though these eyes......... (echoes)
                                 I ever witnessed this place........ (echoes)

The first time........... (echoes)
               -through these eyes........ (echoes)

But, if you really want to read my BEST POEM I've EVER WRITTEN, and my MOST PROUDEST, it's this one:

I wrote that when I was in high school. It's my very best work.

I also keep going on these Shakespeare obsessive moods... I was often obsessed with Hamlet this month... often hours on end...

I'm quite frustrated with my whole "funds issue" as an investor and an entrepreneur... There are funds that  "have but don;t have" and been perpetually delaying... This has been a constant thing that started back in 2010, but I went fully into it in January 2011. There's a reason why i know a lot more about finance, politics, and corporatism than everyone else, because I've been involved in the process(es), conferences and all... You will never have to know the kinds of pressure I've been through, and you are lucky you never went through it. The funds are mine, and I do have them... but as far as being usable currency(s) in a banking institution... well... I'm kinda in limbo until I get the green light(s) on either the public end, or the private end... and, I've been put on alert so many times, with memos and everything... but greedy people don;t want others to be equals, and there's so many other power plays going on.

if i did have access to what is actually mine already, I could've easily created my own corporations, nonprofits, humanitarian projects, major investments, and many other really great things. In my view, it's not actually just for me, but for others, because I'm an egalitarian pragmatist. I did so much work, homework, research, thorough planning, strategizing, re-strategizing, business plans, legal research... u have no idea. SO many people have been worn down, and I also volunteered many times to help others involved because they were going mad loosing their minds from the perpetual delaying of the process, and holding up all kinds on international monetary things... that would take like 4 weeks to even explain.... probably longer...

But, if I ever got the green light to cross the Rubicon this would be a game changer for me.

But, until that ever happens, which who even knows at this point if it ever will... I'm just some crazy, middle aged woman/artist doing crazy stuff online....

I really don't care about  the world, or money anymore, because the whole world is out of its mind... so, if by being ethical, and rational, and being true to my heart & soul makes me crazy... than I'd rather be crazy.

If you don't love me, then I do not want you to pretend that you do.
You can't make people love you, and you can't make yourself feel something your heart won't or can't.

We all could've had a better world, and a better life, if only you had tried, or didn't stop trying...

if people only love you when your popular, famous, beautiful, or "successful", but don;t love you when you're not... it's really not love, not real love... nor a success, and I don't want that.

For all the things I have put my heart, soul, ethics, spirit, effort, care, consideration, and integrity into... and you don't care, then why should I care what you think of me?

There's a difference between conditional love, and unconditional love...

A person that is very giving of themselves is NOT WEAK. A stingy or greedy person is.

If you don;t like my art, then you don;t like my heart... and you don't like me... because my art IS ME.

I will never fit their box, because it's just an idea.... and the box doesn't exist. I don't think as they do... I have better dreams than fitting into uncomfortable imaginary boxes.
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