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Like I've mentioned several times, I'm not big on inks, nor working with inks other than once in a while using graphic art markers.

But, I started doing several Butterflies using Chinese characters, and they nearly all ended up being with a word that was pronounced "ren":

仁, 任, 忍.... I'm not sure if I'm going to use 人 yet... but, I might...

It first started as an idea. I'd always wanted to try an actually VERY old After effects technique I actually saw in a Kelly Chen concert at the Trump Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City, NJ before I graduated at AIPH in 2001. Here's my ticket stub.

I'd wanted to do a version with hand drawn butterflies, and Not realistic ones, and since it was Inktober, and the dang thing is so hot this year, I asked my daughter to make me a butterfly, so I could experiment with it. She & I do NOT think alike, so, even tho' i like it, and I could change it (so I did), I still wanted my own version.
Heidi butterfly wings by BlackUniGryphon

I figured, Whatever, I'll stick something Chinese on it, because it was rather Chinese inspired anyways, and Mr. Wang is all Chinese calligraphy practice crazed lately to calm his nerves. I personally like Taoist things at times, and not always Confucian ones, however, since I also like Zen/Chan stuff, a popular concept with the Japanese styles of zen/chan is 忍 which actually (from what I can tell) comes from Confucianism. My life constantly feels like a 忍, and even both of the characters that it's made from the blade and the heart just really say it for me in a several layers deep of meaningfulness...

So, I did this:

Kandice Butterfly Wings by BlackUniGryphon

You can see the 忍 but it's also compartmental because the upper part says 刃 (blade or knife-blade) and the bottom says 心 (heart) . 忍 means to endure, or forbearance, and was often used as a way of one-upper one's abusers by being better behaved than them, and in theory they will eventually wear out, and respect you. Or, it can mean to be sort of tempered by by like metal in a forge that gets hammered & heated repeatedly until it's formed and shamed... the amount of metaphors go on and on, and everyone has their own opinion or take on it...

Anyways, I wanted to use inks BECAUSE they are so fallible, and easy to make mistakes, which is what often frustrates me about them. I also didn't want it to look like a REAL nor realistic butterfly... ironically, people keep telling me it looks very realistic, even tho' i wanted it semi-cartoonish.

I also made another one:

Task Butterfly HD by BlackUniGryphon

This one is the 任 butterfly meaning "task" or "duty" It's also my Chinese surname since I actually have one now.

I also made Mr. Wang do a butterfly for me which I edited:

Edited Benevolence Butterfly by BlackUniGryphon

This one says 仁 (benevolence or kindness) which i wrote on it in marker. So, now I have the whole family on the project... assuming that my ideas don't get scrapped in video class.

I am so tempted to do a 人 butterfly and have the body be a fairy. There was a GORGEOUS symbolic animation in Utena I think the film version even tho' the actual scene was an escapism form a VERY DARK Crime being committed to the character.

:star: As for my projects #animation tests you can watch them in my playlist on YouTube:…

I'm mostly just going with my FEELING(s) on this... and I feel QUITE A BIT!

I'm very likely going to go into a surrealist direction. Lots of symbolism(s).
i want it to be that line between beautiful and strange. My kind of weird. You would be surprised what the original meaning of "weird" was in the English language. It actually meant more along the lines of what in modern terms could be like "psychic", "psyche", "intuitive", "clairvoyance", "premonition", "foresight" and other similar ideas... It's a whole blur of meaning...
-but actually many of the ideas used today meant nothing what they mean today: spirit, soul, psyche, heart, mind, and many others didn't actually mean what you think they do today.

Nothing is really definitive necessarily...

Anyways, I like various ideas from Taoism (or Laozi) especially the concepts of "flow" or "flowing". I actually prefer Taoist ideas more than Confucianism ones. But, I also like Zen because it flips over everything and anything or mixes and blends... When all things tend to be absurd or overly sill Zen/Chan becomes serious and meaningful, when things become rigid and stern Zen/Chan becomes cleverly silly or crazy. Its fraught with intentional contradictions. This whole is but never is thing is all over the place... Honestly, I've been trying to go through all manners of zen/chan everything since about 2009, and I honestly don't even bother to try anymore, because it's not as tho' anyone needs to, and even the teachers claim they teach nothing... They will be silent for a long time, or suddenly blurt out nonsense, or have a serious talk or lecture, and everyone starts bursting into laughter.

Anyways, I've been messing with ripple effects on the butterflies. If i can compress a video to the size allowed on DeviantArt I might just upload it.

I've been cataloging audio clips that are eerie and strange yet beautiful...
I have all kinds of heartbeats, heart-monitors, and sonar samples. I was thinking of doing stuff with 303-acid, and go more upbeat, but I found I liked the weird depth feeling of keeping it more ambient.

:star: Here's an audio edit I did today:…

I will try some other After Effects experiments as soon as I get my video mapping Instillation art waterfall project completely finished.
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